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  • Teeth Whitening
  • July 19, 2019
  • by lotus

Bright, white teeth are a hallmark of youth and good looks, and a discoloured smile, believe it or not, is actually a pretty normal part of the ageing process. That’s because the dentin inside your teeth actually loses its whiteness as you get older. Lotus Smiles Dental is pleased to offer our patients Zoom teeth whitening to counteract this effect and brighten your smile.

Understanding The Difference Between Extrinsic And Intrinsic Stains

The discolouration that occurs to your dentin happens inside your teeth, under the enamel – and that’s why whitening toothpastes often don’t make a noticeable difference to the quality of your smile.

Whitening toothpastes and topical whitening gels and strips can only work on the extrinsic stains – they are not strong enough to penetrate your tooth enamel.

Sometimes the effect is exacerbated by the use of other products that cause staining, like tobacco, coffee and red wine.

Only systems like Zoom, using high strength hydrogen carbamide and hydrogen peroxide, is strong enough to penetrate the enamel and break up the molecules that cause staining and discolouration.

Professional Teeth Whitening Options

In-chair treatments

At Lotus Smiles we make use of the Zoom teeth whitening system because it is safe and produces rapid results. If you opt for an in-chair treatment, you can expect to spend about 45 minutes to an hour in the chair.

This treatment is customised to your needs, and you and your dental practitioner will discuss the best shade of white for you, and the number of sessions you will need to achieve it.

First, your dentist will inspect your mouth and check for any cavities or cracks in your tooth enamel. Then he or she will give you a professional dental cleaning to remove any traces of plaque and tartar. This process removes surface stains and ensures a smooth surface for whitening, which produces more even results.

Having your teeth whitening by your dentist is usually the safest and most predictable way to whiten your teeth. Your dentist will manage tooth sensitivity, and ensure the process goes smoothly. In-chair whitening usually produces the fastest results because your dentist is authorised to administer higher strength bleaching agents than the ones available for at-home use or over-the-counter.

Many patients who want a professional teeth whitening for a special event or occasion make use of in-chair whitening. Because the appointments generally don’t run over an hour, many patients find it convenient enough to stop by during their lunch break, and return to work afterwards.

At-home teeth whitening

If you don’t want an in-chair treatment and do not have a date to whiten by, you may want to try an at-home whitening treatment.  

Zoom’s at-home treatments are facilitated by your dentist, who will advise you on the correct strength to achieve your desired shade of white. Your dentist will still do a pre-whitening check up and address any decay or cracks in your tooth enamel.

Your dentist will also create custom trays for you, to ensure a close fit. The correct fit ensures that all surfaces of your teeth are exposed to the whitening agent, for a smoother and more even result.

Your dentist will also give you some gel to use after your treatment. This is to minimise tooth sensitivity and to protect your tooth enamel. It is very important that you do not exceed the wear time recommended by your dentist, as this can lead to heightened tooth sensitivity. 

This option is ideal for patients who want to whiten in their own time and who are prepared to wait for a few days to see the results.

How Long Does Zoom Teeth Whitening Last?

How long the results of your teeth whitening treatment will last, depends very much on your dental hygiene and what you expose your teeth to. If you continue to smoke and consume beverages that stain, your teeth will not stay as white as if you eliminate these things from your diet.

You dentist will discuss your lifestyle needs with you at your whitening session and will make recommendations for top up treatments once you have achieved your desired result.

Still have questions about Zoom teeth whitening and what you can achieve with your smile? We’d love to chat to you. Please contact our practice to speak to a professional: (03) 8737 9359