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While the financial comparison might look attractive initially, teeth whitening in Bali is not worth the risk and inconvenience, especially not when you have access to world class whitening treatments that are safe for your long term dental health. Let’s take a closer look at dental tourism and whether the risk you undertake is really with the payoff.

The case for beautiful white teeth is no secret. Our digital lives have put the spotlight on everyone’s imperfections and the quest for the perfect smile really does make a difference to your beauty aesthetic.

White teeth are a hallmark of youth and good looks, because tooth discolouration is a sign of ageing. We are all born with white teeth but intrinsic and extrinsic stains that develop over time make a difference to the way we look.

While a teeth whitening treatment may have been very expensive a few years ago when they were first launched, they have become much more affordable now. World class treatments are available at local dental practitioners, who offer tried and tested approaches that protect your teeth while they whiten.


Why It Pays To Pay More?

If you haven’t done the research it is worth making the cost comparison with what you would pay locally vs a teeth whitening Bali treatment. If there is a price difference you would need to offset it against factors like


Protection By Australian Dental Legislation

Under the current legislation only registered and certified dental and medical practitioners may distribute teeth whitening products that contain more than 6% hydrogen peroxide.

This is because it has been proven how consumers are following unsafe practices at home, and do not follow the best practice guidelines.

Leaving a whitening solution on for too long or using it for longer than indicated by your dentist can have adverse effects on your teeth and cause damage to your dental enamel.

Selecting the correct concentration of bleaching agent for your teeth is also important, in order to not cause damage to your enamel.

Language And Communication Is Easier

Discussing your whitening goals with a foreign dentist leaves a large margin for error in communication. It isn’t worth taking the risk for a procedure that could be completed in an hour in your dentist’s office with minimal side effects. 


Get Dental Care Post-treatment

If you have teeth whitening in Bali you impose more limitations on yourself, including the level of care you can get post treatment and the options that you , if something does go wrong.


Reasons Why You Should Have A Teeth Whitening Treatment In Australia


The Product Choices Are World Class

Have access to world renowned whitening treatments that have been tried, tested and proven to work. Don’t take a chance with whitening treatments that do not work or that may damage your tooth enamel.

While teeth whitening treatments may have taken longer a few years ago, today’s treatments can be done in a much shorter time frame. Some patients report being able to come through during their lunch hour and can return back to work again straight afterwards. There really is no need to consider something as far away as Bali.


Give Yourself More Options

If you have an in-chair whitening treatment and then decide you would like a top up treatment, visiting an Australian dentist makes this possible. If you have flight tickets or hotel accommodation to change, it is much more of an inconvenience that you probably didn’t factor into your travel budget.

When you opt for teeth whitening treatments in Australia you have the option of an in chair treatment, as well as the take home trays that are customised for your mouth and teeth. Being able to wear the trays for a few hours a day or overnight does beg the question of whether it is worth traveling so far to a place like Bali, when such convenient options are available at home.


Protective Legislation

The legislative framework is in place to protect consumers and help them make the best choices for their long term dental health.


Experienced And Reputable Practitioners

You can communicate clearly with experienced practitioners who have lots of experience in teeth whitening. Don’t take the risk of teeth whitening Bali and not being able to understand your dental practitioner and end up with results that you are not completely satisfied with.


If you still have questions over the risks associated with teeth whitening in Bali, or want to find out more about a local whitening treatment it’s best to speak to a professional. Please contact us for an appointment (03) 8737 9359.