The importance of oral health in children

Oral hygiene is important in a child’s early years since it helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Regular check-ups with the Gisborne dentists here at Lotus Smiles enable them to monitor your child’s dental progress and identify any problems with their teeth in their early stages. Often people think that the primary (baby) teeth aren’t that important, but if a child loses them too soon it can cause their adult teeth to grow in crowded or misaligned, meaning that orthodontic treatment is likely to be needed.

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Paediatric dentistry – good habits start early

Children should start visiting the dentist on a regular basis as soon as their first tooth makes an appearance. Why not bring them with you when you come for a check-up? While your child may be too young for an examination, visiting our clinic will help familiarise him or her with the surroundings, the noise, and the smell, plus, of course, they get to meet their favourite dentist.

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent standard of children’s dentistry near Gisborne and continually keep ourselves up to date with the latest kids dental techniques. You can relax, knowing that should your child need any dental treatment, we’ll be caring and gentle, ensuring they’re comfortable at all times.

Our lead dentist, Dr Thi Nguyen enjoys all the challenges of working with children and with her gentle approach and calm demeanour children just love her.

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What to expect during a kids check-up

During your child’s first dental examination, our Gisborne dentist will

  • Check which teeth have come through the gums
  • Assess the development of their jaw
  • Examine the soft tissues – lips, tongue, cheeks and throat
  • Check for any tooth cavities
  • As they get older, we’ll also examine their bite to determine whether they may need orthodontic treatment in the future
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Brush and floss together

Children learn from their parents which is why we recommend that mums and dads make sure their children see them routinely brushing and flossing their teeth on a daily basis. We’re happy to show you the best way to brush your children’s teeth. Make it fun by letting your child choose their own toothbrush with their favourite Disney

Teeth should be brushed twice a day using a toothbrush with soft bristles and a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Set a timer or use an app to make sure that brushing lasts a full 2 minutes and don’t let them swallow the toothpaste. Flossing should also be introduced when your child can do it for themselves and we recommend that once they have 2 teeth in place.

We do all we can to make kids’ dentistry near Gisborne stress-free for parents and fun for children. We don’t want children to be scared of a visit to our dental clinic. Children with healthy teeth are more confident, can chew their food better, and speak more clearly, which is why it’s so important that we work together to help your child get the best out of their smile.

Benefits of Early Dental Visits

Delaying dental visits for young children can have a negative impact on their dental and overall health. It is important to schedule dental appointments as soon as they start getting their teeth to prevent the chances of cavities. Yes, you read it right! Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease among children that can likely affect their self-esteem and performance in school. Early dental check-ups can thus help in monitoring and significantly preventing tooth decay and dental pain. Our children’s dentistry near Gisborne will help your kids in identifying any cavities and protecting them from additional decay by providing the necessary dental treatment.

Moreover, with early dental visits, you will also learn if your child is developing a poor bite (malocclusion). Our expert dentists will implement measures to lower the impact of a developing malocclusion with effective methods and help reduce the extent and cost of later orthodontic treatment.

Also, it is essential to keep primary (baby) teeth in place until they are lost naturally because healthy primary teeth help children with speech development and chewing food properly. In addition, they also allow them to eat various foods, thereby maintaining a balanced diet. Furthermore, regular dental check-ups help in inculcating good oral health practices among children, keeping them healthy throughout their lives. Our kids dentistry near Gisborne will ensure that your kids stay happy overall and have high self-esteem with our friendly dental services.

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