Our Denture Clinic in Sunbury Provides an Affordable Denture Service

Are you seeking a solution to missing teeth? Why not visit our denture clinic in Sunbury where you can discuss your dental options with our experienced dentists? When you’re missing teeth in Sunbury, a denture may well offer the perfect solution and is a cheaper and quicker alternative than dental implants.

Why are dentures necessary?

Teeth become more brittle and likely to crack with age, poor hygiene can also lead to gum disease and tooth loss. If your teeth are badly affected by wear, decay, trauma, or gum disease, our dental clinic in Sunbury dentist may recommend extraction as your best option.

False teeth (dentures) aren’t just for old people. Even younger people can experience missing teeth. In cases like these, a Sunbury denture may be necessary to restore bite function and aesthetics of both the upper and lower jaw.

Our denture clinic in Sunbury – Types of dentures available

Nowadays, whatever type of dentures you choose, you’ll be pleased to know that modern-day prosthetics are far more lightweight, comfortable and lifelike than their predecessors. They also come in two basic types: partial and full.

A partial denture is used to fill a space left by several or more missing teeth. Fitted to the gumline, it’s attached to nearby natural teeth with clasps to keep it in place. A partial denture is often used when the teeth aren’t strong enough to support other devices such as a dental bridge. It isn’t permanently fastened and can be taken out easily for cleaning and sleeping .

A full denture (or complete denture) is necessary when all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw, or both, are missing or need extraction. They rely on suction to keep them in place and, similar to a partial denture, they can easily be removed.

No matter which type of denture you require, at our denture clinic in Sunbury, all our dentures are custom designed for a good fit and colour matched to your existing teeth for a truly natural appearance. We promise that Sunbury dental care doesn’t get any better than this!

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Why wear dentures? Our dental clinic in Sunbury advises

Dentures do more than improve the appearance of a smile when teeth are missing. In addition they also

  • Provide structural support for the mouth, lips and cheeks, giving you a more youthful look.
  • Restore your bite functionality so that you’re not resigned to eating soft foods
  • Lend a viable solution to replacing teeth which are causing pain or dental health problems, such as severely damaged teeth and rotten roots.

Modern-day dentures are a strong and beautiful alternative to troublesome teeth.

What about Implant dentures in Sunbury VIC, 3429?

Many dental clinics in Melbourne, including right here at our Sunbury dental clinic, now offer implant-retained dentures. If your dentures are causing you discomfort and embarrassment due to slippage, or you simply don’t fancy conventional dentures, you may want to enquire at our denture clinic in Sunbury about our implant retained dentures.

Implant retained dentures are the gold standard of denture wear and utilise a small number of implants (usually 4-6) to hold the denture in position. Once in place, the denture will stay in position giving you total peace of mind, yet they can easily be snapped on and off for cleaning.

If you’re looking for a Sunbury dental clinic near you then we’d like to warmly welcome you to Lotus Smiles Dental. With highly experienced friendly dentists, a relaxed spa-like environment, and reasonable prices, there’s no need to go elsewhere. Call our Sunbury denture clinic today on (03) 8732 7377 for your denture appointment.