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Having brighter, whiter teeth is an investment in your confidence and dental health, and following your Philips Zoom whitening instructions closely is essential to prevent injury and damage to your teeth. Whitening your teeth can be done in the dentist’s chair or at home. Having in-chair whitening can make results happen faster but you can achieve a whiter smile by using Philips Zoom teeth whitening products at home.


What Causes Tooth Discolouration And Staining?

Tooth discolouration occurs as a natural result of ageing. When we are born the dentin in our teeth is white, and it gradually discolours and turns yellow as we get older. While it might be tempting to use over-the-counter whitening kits, gels and toothpaste you should be aware that these products are only effective on surface stains. If you do want whiter teeth you must use whitening products from your dentist.

These whitening products, such as the Philips Zoom teeth whitening products, have been professionally formulated to achieve results safely. They have been tried and tested, and they work. They have also been formulated to protect you against sensitivity and to remineralise your teeth during the whitening process.


Why You Need Professional Whitening Products For Intrinsic Stains

Intrinsic stains can only be removed by penetrating your dental enamel. Dental enamel is the hardest substance in the human body but its purpose is to protect your teeth, and any damage to your enamel really can compromise the future health of your teeth.


Why You Should Follow Your Whitening Instructions 

Only dentists and medical professionals are certified to administer whitening products containing more than 6% hydrogen peroxide – and for good reason. Leaving the whitening gel on for too long or using it for longer than instructed by your dentist can cause long term and irreparable damage to your tooth enamel. If you do want to whiten and brighten your teeth effectively, you need high strength bleach to achieve your desired results.


How To Use The Philips Zoom Whitening System At Home


Clean your teeth

Before using the Philips Zoom whitening system you must brush and floss your teeth thoroughly to ensure that they are free of plaque. Rinse your teeth and mouth with water.

Remove the cap from the Philips Zoom syringe you have been given by your dentist, and twist the mixing cap.

Dispense a small drop of the bleaching gel into each compartment of the whitening tray you have been given.

Make sure that you dispense the correct amount of gel because if you use too much, it may push up over your teeth and come into contact with your gums.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

If you are using the Philips Zoom system at night you can expect to achieve results within one week. If you are using Philips DayWhite, the results may be a little slower and only be visible within two weeks. Be patient and do not try to accelerate the results. It is always a good idea to take before and after photographs. If you are comparing the colour of your teeth, you should take the photographs in the same place, at the same time every day for a fair comparison.


Important points to remember

  • Only use whitening gel that has been given to you by your dentist. Do not use the gel if you have obtained it from any other source. Do not try to get the gel from another course if your dentist has advised you against whitening.
  • Follow the Philips Zoom whitening instructions your dentist gave you exactly, and do not deviate from them.
  • Do not skip your pre-whitening check up. It is very important to have a dental assessment before whitening, even if you are going to do it at home yourself. Your dentist must inspect your teeth for signs of decay and weaknesses in your tooth enamel before you can apply any whitening gel or bleach to your teeth. 


Complications That Can Arise From Not Following Your Whitening Instructions


Tooth sensitivity

Leaving the whitening gel on for too long can result in tooth sensitivity. Philips Zoom whitening gels have been formulated to protect teeth against sensitivity and remineralise as they whiten but misuse of the product can cause discomfort.


Gum irritation

If you do get the bleaching gel on your gum it can cause irritation and discomfort. Be very careful to make sure your soft tissues are protected.


If you need help following the Philips Zoom whitening instructions, please contact us immediately for professional advice: (03) 8737 9359.