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Crooked, protruding, and overcrowded teeth impact more than just your appearance. Your teeth positioning affects the functionality of your mouth; in addition to that, it also affects the susceptibility of your teeth to decay due to cavities which is why availing help from a reliable orthodontist is a mandate. Lotus Smiles Dental has gained a devoted client base with its unique dental care treatments. We aspire to assist you through and through while you achieve the smile you have always wanted with orthodontics, near Melton.

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Benefits of availing orthodontics treatment:

Orthodontics covers straitening teeth, aligning crowded teeth, etc. to enhance their appearance and functionality. Here are a few benefits of orthodontics treatment:

  • Corrects disproportionate teeth
  • Helps speech refinement
  • Prevents gum ailments and tooth decay
  • Prevent bone erosion
  • Aids digestion
  • Boosts self-esteem

Types of braces we provide:

The braces used to align teeth are either fixed or removable; diverse braces used to realign your teeth during the orthodontics treatment near Melton are as below:

Invisalign– These are clear or invisible aligners and are customised to your specifications. These are majorly preferred by people who don’t want to fix braces using wires.

Fixed braces- They are made of metal, usually attached using a bracket or a wire. These are the most common types of braces, highly demanded due to their effective and steadfast results.

Lingual braces- Lingual braces are made of ceramic and can be fixed; they are less visible than the metal braces and help teeth’ alignment.

Removable braces- These braces can be removed whenever you want, however, they are not as effective as the traditional metal braces. These braces are often used for the upper teeth.

Expert consultation & after care:

Besides being one of the finest orthodontics near Melton, Lotus Smiles Dental is known to provide expert consultation and a detailed after-care oral regime to shield your teeth from future damage. Our orthodontist will go through all the options with you to pick the most fitted treatment for your teeth type. We guide you throughout the procedure and suggest preventative measures you can adapt to ensure good oral hygiene so you can yield the desired outcome from the orthodontics near Melton.

Why pick us?

  • Qualified and adept team of dental practitioners.
  • Same-day braces availability.
  • Use state-of-art technology & industry upgraded equipment for all dental restoratives
  • Polite and reliable staff that ensures your sittings are comfortable
  • Upfront pricing without any hidden charges

Lotus Smiles Dental is a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to giving people healthy, beautiful, and functional smiles. With us by your side your orthodontics journey near Melton will be pleasant and enriching.

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