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For many decades traditional orthodontics were the only way that people could straighten their teeth. In recent years the debate about clear aligners vs braces has come to the fore, because there are so many more orthodontic treatment options available. Patients do not have to delay treatment or worry about their treatment time because Invisalign clear aligners have changed the way that dental practitioners approach orthodontic correction.


How Do Aligners Work For Teeth Straightening?

Traditional metal braces make use of a bracket and wire system that puts the teeth under pressure. The pressure has to be maintained at a constant in order for it to work so, as the teeth straighten into the correct position, the wires become looser. This means that you need to visit your dentist to have them re-adjusted.

Aligners are fitted to the outside of your teeth, and they also apply pressure. Instead of being adjusted, you will change your aligners for a new set because the aligners do not have wires and brackets. Your dental practitioner will map out the positions that your teeth will move into over the duration of your orthodontic treatment, and you will be given a new set for each new position. That means you will probably have to swap your aligners for a new set every two weeks.


What Are The Benefits Of Clear Aligners Vs Braces?


Straighter Teeth Equal Better Oral Hygiene

Having straighter teeth is not just a choice that affects the aesthetics of your smile. It means you can have better oral hygiene standards. Crooked teeth are difficult to keep clean, especially with twice-daily brushing and flossing, because of the irregular spaces that can collect debris and bacteria. Not correcting crooked teeth can result in a number of orthodontic complications, including unnecessary decay.


Clear Aligners Offer Discreet Teeth Straightening

One of the biggest benefits of Invisalign clear aligners vs braces is the fact that they offer a more discreet way to straighten teeth.

While they are not fully invisible they are a lot less noticeable than traditional metal braces. This means most patients feel less self conscious about teeth correction. It also means that older adolescents and adults who might otherwise delay or avoid orthodontic treatment have a suitable teeth straightening option for the stage of life they find themselves in. 

The importance of discreet aligners can’t be overlooked especially when you consider how much attention  we give to our smiles.

Often wearers of traditional braces feel so self-conscious they don’t want to smile, or smile with a hand in front of their mouths. When you wear Invisalign clear aligners you are much less likely to feel restricted or hold back in displaying your joy and happiness, especially in photographs. 


Clear Aligners Offer More Comfortable Teeth Straightening

Most patients find metal braces uncomfortable because of the bracket and wire system, and this discomfort increases every time the braces are adjusted by their dental practitioner. Also, any knocks or trauma to the mouth can be very painful because of the metal framework. 

Aligners are crafted from plastic which is fairly soft and malleable so if you were to have a bump to the mouth, it would not be as painful. Wearing Invisalign clear aligners also means you avoid the adjustments, which can cause greater discomfort.


Clear Aligners Can Be Removed During Orthodontic Treatment

Aligners should not be removed unnecessarily for them to work effectively however they must be taken out for eating and drinking. This is because it’s easy for the plastic to stain, discolour and become misshapen. It’s also to enable you to brush your teeth properly and clean your Invisalign aligners.

Patients who wear traditional braces find them highly restrictive and being able to remove clear aligners can bring a great deal of relief to the wearer, particularly if you do find them very uncomfortable. It’s important to note that in order for Invisalign clear aligners to work properly they must be worn for at least 22 hours per day, including while you are asleep.

Being able to remove your orthodontics is also very beneficial in terms of food restrictions. When you wear traditional braces you will have to avoid very hard or very sticky foods, and also will have concerns about food and debris getting stuck in your braces when you eat. Removing the orthodontics removes this problem from the equation. 


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